On behalf of our valued clients, we plead, defend and represent them at all the courts at all the litigation levels and types in the lawsuits filed from or against them; along with submitting regulations, memoranda, and preparing the statements of claim and the statements of objection before the various judicial bodies and authorities, such as the Control and Investigation Board, the Capital Market Authority and the Public Prosecution; in addition to following-up with the lawsuit’s proceedings until its completion by the issuance of a final judgment; and completing the implementation procedures.

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We offer you all the legal consultancy services in various lawsuits in order to become knowledgeable and informed. We will pay high attention in providing legal support, which is one of the important elements for the success of the individual and institutional entities management projects; therefore, we are proud of signing a number of consultancy contracts with a number of dignitaries, businessmen and women, companies and universities; in order to provide legal counsels to help them guard against falling into conflicts, and provide them with strategic safety and legal protection that they seek.


The courts are filled with judicial disputes arising from the negligence in writing and formulating contracts. A distinctive contract is the one that governs the relationship in a clear manner, maintains the rights, predicts the obstacles, and provides solutions without complicating the relationship. Our Firm seeks to formulate a distinctive contract with you for a fruitful civil relationship; as the contractor whenever he feels that the contract is powerful and coherent, he will distance himself from the idea of violating it, thus protecting our clients rights.

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